Model 180 Film Granulator

500 type plastic mixing and granulating machine

Model 110 Low Temperature Granulator

Model 75 low temperature granulator

Model 280 Film Granulator

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Our Advantages

Because of focus, so professional! Our core members in the industry for more than ten years, continuous learning, cultivation and precipitation of the knowledge base, is an important guarantee that we create excellent programmes.

One-Stop Service

Provide customers with 360 ° full-service: from product design, material procurement, production sampling, product certification, to the production line design, the development of testing tools and its distribution and other full-service support...

Well-established risk management system

The team has proven risk management methodologies: FMEA, DOE, POKA-YOKA, MSA, due to long term project cooperation with internationally renowned automotive and medical manufacturers...

Professional project management

We will have a professional project manager to follow up every project for you. All of our project managers were once excellent front-line R&D engineers, and we will be your professional project specialist and technical consultant...


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